• Lizzy The Lightworker

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Meet Lizzy

I AM Divinity Expressing My Authenticity

These words came to me in a dream a few years ago. I feel this message so deeply within me, and I am so excited to share it with you. It is the innerstanding that all are Divine, all are of God, and each of us is a unique expression of God.

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Rise Above The Noise

Turn off the TV. Turn off the radio. Put down your cell phone. You must rise above the noise. Raise your vibration until you know who you are when you’re not drowning in the voices and fears of the collective.

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You've Come Far - Honor The Journey

At times it may feel that you will never get to the top of that mountain. It is in those moments that you must acknowledge how far you’ve come, and honor the lessons learned along the way. This is your life story.

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Welcome To The Earth Experience

It's all a Hologram. All has been orchestrated for your lessons in mastery. Try not to take it too seriously.

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One With Everything, But Still Sovereign

What fun it is to be so interconnected with all that is, but still be an expression of sovereignty. There is power when you stand in that truth.

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Print On Demand

We are proud to offer products from SPOD. Their collection of styles, fits, and print quality are superior. Once your order is placed, SPOD will begin the print process within 24 hours. Because these are Print On Demand, we do not provide refunds or exchanges if you ordered the wrong size or color, so please review the size measurements carefully.

The Women's Slim Fit Tee is snug around the chest and arms.
I suggest ordering a size up if you are full chested.

The Women's Relaxed Fit Tee is my favorite.
With cuffed sleeves, it is everything you want a tee to be.

The Women's V-Neck Tee is perfection!
So soft, and a feminine cut.

The Women's Sweatshirts have a lovely slim and feminine cut, not like the more boxy unisex cuts most vendors offer.

The Men's collections fit true to size.
The Men's Short Sleeve Tees have a little extra length for the tall gents.

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