Cosmic Consciousness

Cosmic Consciousness is the very first of our designs. In many ways, Cosmic Consciousness was the calling within our hearts to create Lizzy The Lightworker Tees. We wanted to create something for Lightworkers and Star Seeds that wasn’t full of sacred geometry or other elements that maybe don’t resonate with everyone. We wanted a collection of Ascension Apparel and Woke Clothing that was fun and sporty, a bit cheeky at times, but truly resonated with our heart space. We wanted designs that both men and women would love wearing.  

As we tested out different print on demand vendors and their products, we gave a lot of the samples to my niece and nephew. At 12 and 10 years old, they know what they like, and what they don’t like. So when they were excited to get these shirts, and started wearing them all the time, we realized how important these messages are for our young people as well. So many of them are coming into the earth already activated. They inner-stand the higher truths that adults are only just now beginning to remember. That is why you will find many of our designs on shirts for kids and toddlers, and onesies for the baby’s.

More and more I hear people asking questions like “What is a Star Seed?” The masses are beginning to awaken, and they are starting to notice things that they were once blind to, simply because they were not an energetic match. That is why I love wearing these designs. I know that wherever I go wearing these shirts, I am planting seeds for others.

A part of the awakening process is the expansion of awareness and consciousness. Cosmic Consciousness is not just about a fascination with the universe. It is about seeing the big picture, the universal picture, and inner-standing our connectivity with all that is.

Fun Fact- The star cluster featured on this shirt is the Pleiades star system, also know as The Seven Sisters. We love the way it fit perfectly over the words and dotted the i’s in Cosmic Consciousness.

With Love, Lizzy and Al

Cosmic Consciousness sweatshirt by Lizzy The Lightworker


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