FEAR LESS in October

October has always been a big energy month. Lots of incoming energies designed to create activations within you, and raise your vibration. So, is it any wonder that opposition has turned October into the month of fear? Halloween seems to dominate the entire month. Horror movies are shown on every station, every day. Macabre decorations adorn our homes and offices. Zombies, skeletons, and other ghoulishness, are all around you. All designed to keep you actively engaged in surrounding yourself in fear, and promoting it to others.

 Opposition knows the power of fear. They know how easy it is to control people through fear. This is how each of us were raised. We obeyed, because we feared a negative response from our parents or teachers. We continue to obey, because we fear for our very livelihoods. It is through fear programmings and propaganda that we are controlled and manipulated.

 Fear keeps our vibration lower. We cannot ascend to the higher dimensional bandwidths if we are carrying fear programs. The programmings run so deep through the collective, and it takes time to shed all of them from your BE-ingness. It doesn’t happen all at once. As you release the programmings, you find you FEAR LESS and LESS, until you reach the point of being truly FEARLESS.

 A big part of releasing fear, is releasing your need to control every situation. That is ego. Ego wants to control everything so that it can feel safe and comfortable. We fear any situation coming into our lives that we would label as “bad”. The truth is, any situation that comes into your life has been sanctioned by your Higher Self, for your own benefit. For your own growth and spiritual evolution. For some, nothing is scarier than surrendering control of their lives to their Higher Self. That is because they have yet to real-eyes that their Higher Self is them. In learning to love and trust our Higher Selves, we are learning to love and trust ourselves. You are not surrendering to an entity outside yourself. You are surrendering to yourself.

 Additional thoughts on this design – I distressed the finish on the words FEAR LESS; as if fear is dissolving and fading away. I kept the words TRUST YOUR HIGHER SELF solid, because you can trust and feel solid in your connection to your higher self.

Final thought on fear: YOU ARE THE SCARIEST THING OUT THERE. YOU strike fear in the hearts of opposition. Because fear hides in the dark, and you are the light.

Love, Lizzy

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