God’s Love Reigns

I’m back! November and December had us very busy over here. It’s amazing all the things that can fill our day and our mind. I’ve learned to flow and switch gears as need be, setting things aside while I focus on that which demands my attention at the present moment. I also checked out of social media during this time. It helped to create greater space within my life, and allowed me to tune into ME at a deeper level.

As the planet and world around us continues to shift, we are being asked to surrender all that no longer serves us. While some may immediately think of material objects when we talk of letting go, for me this has been more about releasing deeply rooted thoughts and beliefs. As I spent time with myself, enjoying the solitude, I could hear, feel, and see the thoughts / programs creating chatter in my head more clearly. That constant chatter in the head is in a large part ego, but it can also be seen as programs on a constant feedback loop within the field or body.

It takes work to sit with these thoughts, and ask where they came from. You must observe the frequency of them. Are they fear based? Ego driven? When you can honestly acknowledge their presence, and face them head on and take ownership of their presence, then you begin transmuting and releasing rapidly.

But some thoughts / programs are persistent and harder to clear. Despite all your best efforts to “release” them, you just can’t seem to shake that monkey on your back. These demand stronger tools in order to truly transmute  them. And it was at this point that I tuned into God’s Love within my heart space to fully transmute and release these thoughts and programs, once and for all.

Some of our first designs were “I AM Source Love”. This is probably my favorite design because of the message. It’s the realization that God’s Love is not something separate from you that you must beg or plead for. You are a generator of God’s Love, for you are an aspect of God, an extension of God, made in God’s image. And as you continuously, and consciously, tune into that love, and your connection to God at Source, you begin to experience God’s love in new ways. You begin to BE God's love. 

Part of me wanted this new design to say “God’s Love Rains”. When the rain is really coming down, it is inescapable. It gets absolutely everywhere and touches everything. Even if you are warm and dry inside your home, you still hear the rain on your roof and windows, and you have a sense of being encased and surrounded by the rain that is outside. This is why light language within dreams may translate energy, and rising energy, as water.

Have you ever considered that your heart is like a faucet? If you have it closed off, the love and God connection just trickles in. But when  you are brave enough to be vulnerable, and allow your heart space to fully open, God’s Love comes gushing out. It can be like a stream, a river, or the ocean. It is a big as the universe itself. Perhaps you feel that love so strongly, and have grown quite accustomed to it, that you never questioned if it could be bigger. THERE IS ALWAYS MORE! You can begin to experience God’s love in new ways. It holds no judgments, and so it helps you release your judgements. It knows that all beings are of God, and loves them unconditionally. Because to love another being with conditions, is to place conditions on God. We are being called to release our ego in order to experience the fullness of God’s love, the fullness of the love that is us. Let “God’s Love Reigns” be your mantra for 2022.

Love, Lizzy

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