Honor The Journey

Honor The Journey

As I sat here and tried to write a blog post, I had a hard time finding my flow. It felt like something I was forcing myself to do, and I had to keep deleting it to try a different approach, a different way to convey my message. I finally had to stop and turn my attention to why I was experiencing this writing block.

The challenge lately has been finding a way to deliver the messages in my heart, without dropping in frequency to be heard. As I have risen in vibration, I find it so much harder to convey the messages with any form of eloquence. Any attempt to really lay out my realizations results in a jumble of words as I try to build the mountain for you to climb to reach me where I am, solely with the intention of crumbling said mountain so that you can stand on your own. Put another way, I am trying to lead you to the top of the mountain, just so you can see that the mountain is nothing but a pile of horse shit, distortions, and illusions. And once you are able to see that, once you have your own “Aha!” moment, the false programming it created within you disappears, as does the mountain. The problem is, I have already cleared that mountain for myself, so why would I drop down in density to climb it again with you?

Simple words. Minimal words. This has felt like the best way to communicate lately. The words are the seeds. They hold the frequency. You don’t need a thousand seeds, when just a few will do. I think this is why the tees have become such an important platform for me to express myself.

Rumi comes to mind. Simple words, delivered in small sentences. As you raise your vibration, you experience an expansion in consciousness, awareness, heart space knowing, and connectivity with all that is. Suddenly, a simple Rumi quote such as “We carry inside us the wonders we seek outside us”, becomes a statement larger than the universe itself. YOU BECOME AWARE THAT YOU ARE LARGER THAN THE UNIVERSE ITSELF. And then you must shrink back down and try to blog about it. So the best you can do is embody this knowing, because you can’t explain it to others in a way that they can understand. They must inner-stand it for themselves. And that feels like where we are at now. We are the embodiment of every nugget of Rumi wisdom. Let the seed crack open your consciousness.

The clearing that is taking place within me creates a clearing in the grid, which creates a clearing within the collective. The expansion that is taking place within me sets the template for the expansion within others. We are being wiped clean of anything that is not true to our BE-ingness. This can look like an identity crises to some. But if you’ve gotten this far in your journey, you’ve begun to see that it is indeed your identity that must be dismantled.  

I cringe when I hear people say “I experienced my awaking in 2013 (or whenever)”, because that language implies that they experienced a level of awakening, and then stopped. I am awakening every day. “Awakening” simply means becoming aware. Aware of the world around you, but most importantly, self aware. Aware of your thoughts, aware of your actions, aware of your behavior. Looking at it, examining it, questioning it’s origin. Where did I learn that behavior? Where did that belief come from? Is it heart centered? Is it fear based? It would perhaps be better to say “I began my awaking journey in 2013”, for it is a journey.

Awakening and expansion are constant. You don’t know what you don’t know- there is always the next level. It is easy to say I have grown tremendously over the past five years. But can you see your growth over the last three months? Everything is accelerated now for those that are in alignment. Higher and higher we go. Each day brings endless “Aha!” moments. The clarity is equivalent to viewing a diamond from inside the diamond.  

So I am truly at peace engaging with the world less, and being present in MY OWN NOW MOMENT more. I am okay with not being understood, without feeling the need to explain where I am at in life to others who are not on the same journey as me. I’ve come to real-eyes that those on this journey don’t need everything spoon fed to them. I can say something very simple, or show them a picture, and they receive the full download of information.

With Great Love For You, 

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