Stay Woke, My Friends

The word WOKE has gone mainstream. It used to be a word that us lightworkers used amongst each other to describe someone who has begun to see, or has woken from, the matrix. But mainstream media and politicians have latched on to that word, and turned it into a 4 letter word. What they didn’t know was that even lightworkers like sprinkling 4 letter words into their conversations like it was salt and pepper.

Woke simply means you stop accepting everything you’ve ever been taught, and start questioning the root of these teachings, thoughts, programmings, and beliefs. You begin to discern the truth for yourself, and call out the distortions. You start to think for yourself and recognize the propaganda for what it is. You begin to see all the ways they try to keep you asleep, and docile. You will no longer blindly follow. This is critical thinking. This is the awakening of consciousness.

A full scale attack on critical thinking, and what has been termed as WOKE CULTURE, has been launched. It’s a smear campaign led by some politicians and “news” outlets globally, and then regurgitated on social media. They will tell you that the Woke Culture threatens our civilization, and they will shame you for not swallowing every morsel of their propaganda.

You must STAY WOKE anyways.

Love, Lizzy

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