The Higher Your Vibe, The Smaller Your Tribe

When the idea to create Lizzy The Lightworker tees first unfurled within me, it was from a desire to share and wear messages that were of a higher vibration than many of the things I was currently seeing in the market place. But I wanted the designs to be fun and accessible, without sacred geometry or other elements that can be off putting to those who may not resonate with these things. Overall, the reception we received from my core group of friends has been extraordinary. They get the messages, and are excited to be able to wear them.

We’ve have been exploring ways to expand our market beyond my core group of friends, and so we brought a selection of 12 Lizzy The Lightworker tees to an expo last week. I was surrounded by tarot card readers, psychics, and energy healers of all sorts. Surely, my shirts would be a hit here!

I watched as one woman sat under a large copper pyramid while receiving energy work. She then walked by my booth and looked at my Lizzy The Lightworker banner behind me, and asked me what a lightworker was. The question took me by surprise. And she wasn’t the first person to ask me what a lightworker or star seed was that day. Other vendors, hypnotherapists, and guests, asked me the same questions.

When asked, I tried to keep my answers simple, because there is no one clear answer. We each have a different idea of what a lightworker or star seed is. And your definition of these terms becomes very expansive as your consciousness and awareness expands. Quite literally, the words take on new meanings as your raise your vibration and go higher.

But even still, for some people, my words fell on deaf ears. I myself am already too high vibrational for some people to hear me.

Al watched this happen again and again, and we began discussing how we may need to shift our messages. Had we unintentionally gone too high with our messages? We thought we were keeping it basic enough, but obviously not. Do we need to create more “generic” designs?

But then I was reminded that this was my means by which to plant seeds. It is my hope that these seeds will unfurl within each individual, in their own time, as is appropriate for them. Ultimately, I want to help crack open your consciousness and awareness. So I will keep creating my high vibrational messages.

As I looked around the show, I was also reminded that tarot, psychics, and different energy healing modalities, were the stepping stones in my own ascension. And there is no judgement. It is absolutely awesome that people have taken that first step into a new world. There are so many steps ahead of them. There is no limit to their growth potential. Some may chose just to take a few steps higher, and that’s okay. Others may choose to see how high they can go and pursue a rapid ascension. And at each level they go, they will find others who resonate with them there. And they will find that there are those they must say goodbye to, because they can go no higher.

And that takes me to this tee design. When I first put it out there, I had no excitement about the design. I was trying to create something that both men and women could wear, design wise. But the message seemed so trite and generic to me. However, the experiences this weekend made me look at this message again, and reminded me that it is so very relevant here and now. So often, I am unseen and unheard. More and more I realize that people cannot innerstand me, much less understand me. And that’s okay. I honor where they are right now. I honor that their current vibrational level offers them a wide range of experiences that are necessary for their growth, healing, expansion, and ascension. I was once there.

So I felt inspired to revisit this message, and create a fun design that gives me all the feels. Channeling some 60’s flower power energy, we keep going higher, while honoring those stepping stones from so long ago.

Both designs are available on a wide variety of products.

With so much love for you, no matter where you are on your journey,


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